Pixel XL Review

The Pixel XL includes 2016’s untouchable specs and is a fine vessel for Android Oreo. This VR-able telephone has a reasonably quick processor, even by 2018 benchmarks, and a sublime camera, all sandwiched into a crazy plan.

Numerous have scrutinized Google’s thinking for taking the heading it has with the Pixel XL. A year ago’s Nexus 6P was an extraordinary telephone at an incredible cost. The Pixel line isn’t about esteem, nonetheless; the emphasis here is on sheer quality. The Nexus telephones, because of their value point, were liable to exchange offs all over – yet this isn’t so with the Pixel handsets.

Along these lines, this isn’t a shabby telephone then – and truth be told, it coordinates nearly to what you’d pay for an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. That is fine, however, in light of the fact that the Pixel XL is superior to an iPhone 7. Furthermore, for some it’s superior to the Samsung Galaxy S7 as well.

Google has at long last figured out how to fabricate its “iPhone” – and that should influence other Android to telephone producers extremely stressed without a doubt.

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